Exhibitors Guide Embedded World 2010

Video Recorder and Active Display Electronics

as easy to use OEM modules

X-SPEX provides OEM modules for video and audio applications in industrial quality. Different OEM modules are capable of recording, processing, streaming and playing. They are easy to understand and to integrate into customers applications. Like the Evaluation-Kit of "V-Recs", a small OEM module acting as an image and video recorder(see photo). Just open the case, plug-in the power supply and you have a running system to get started. The active display electronics "X-Mon" is also demonstrated at the X-SPEX booth. It drives a LCD/TFT display to act as a Digital Signage Player, information display or dynamic remote control desk. With a height of just 10 mm "X-Mon" can almost be invisibily attached to the back of a display. X-SPEX GmbH, Hall 12 Stand 107, Contact: Raymond Horn

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