MPEG-4 video recorder module connects the digital
and the analog world

Berlin, January 11, 2010 - X-SPEX, the Berlin specialist for industrial applications of video and audio technology, presents its new generation of the video recorder module "V-Recs" at embedded world 2010 in Nuremberg, Germany, from March 2 to March 4. The module for recording, playback, and streaming of video content offers in its newest version an improved performance and new, powerful features. At the X-SPEX booth 107 in hall 12 , you can see the new "V-Recs", which is already available in quantity, in action. To better meet the individual needs of the customers, the new design is now available in three different versions with different feature sets. "As a special service, we offer interested customers an evaluation kit that is immediately ready for use" explains Raymond Horn, CEO of X-SPEX. "It is an ideal entry design for evaluating the many applications of the module and serves as a reference for the integration of the "V-Recs" into your own products. The mature and powerful software enables a flexible configuration for a wide range of applications."As OEM module, the mobile video recorder can be integrated with very little effort and is thus also ideal for upgrading existing systems. The monitor port allows real-time tracking of the recording, which can be made in M-JPEG or MPEG-4. The video is either streamed live or written to a local memory (integrated NAND flash, MMC/SD card, or USB memory stick)."V-Recs" can be controlled both locally and remote over one of its many interfaces, such as UART, USB, and Ethernet. The three available configurations for the module are: "V-Recs S" (30 mm x 65 mm, approx. 1.18 in x 2.56 in), "V-Recs M" (40 mm x 75 mm, approx. 1.57 in x 2.95 in), and "V-Recs L" (50 mm x 80 mm, approx. 1.97 in x 3.15 in). This allows the customer to choose the module performance and size optimal for his application.

Industrial Applications

With its proven AV technology, X-SPEX offers solutions for a wide range of industrial applications: mobile display units with remote viewing and controlling, door/gate intercom systems with recording capabilities, video surveillance of industrial facilities, electronic gatekeepers with AV recording and remote communication, and multi-sensor surveillance with intelligent recording (black-box function). Another application is, for example, the live display and recording for industrial endoscopy. A redundant image recording with "V-Recs" enables a verification of the quality assurance process in the production.

"V-Recs Evaluation-Kit" mit "V-Recs M" - Plug'n'Play zum Durchstarten (Bild 1 MB, für Download bitte Bild anklicken).

Minimum Power Consumption, Maximum Functionality and Security

Its design makes "V-Recs" ideal for industrial applications. The very low power consumption of only between 1 and 1.5 Watt (depending on selected functionality level) enables a mobile, battery-operated deployment, including, due to the minimal waste heat, in a closed housing. With its Instant-On function, the mobile video recorder requires only a boot time of approximately one second to be fully operational, after power has been applied to the device. "V-Recs" is thus ideal for applications where both minimal standby power consumption (zero in case of "V-Recs") and almost immediate availability on demand are required. The "V-Recs" software has been programmed directly onto the hardware, without an underlying operating system. This makes the module particularly reliable and immune against external attacks over a network infrastructure.

About X-SPEX

X-SPEX is located in Berlin and offers products and custom development services in the field of digital signal processing, with special emphasis on video and audio devices. The range of services offered by the company comprises everything from the technological planning stage to the manufacturing and delivery of fully tested electronic components and modules. The sales management for the products of X-SPEX is handled by its parent company, Optimists Consulting. More information on X-SPEX is available under "X-Spex"; more information on "V-Recs" and other X-SPEX products is available under "Diris".

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