Catalog Entry Embedded World 2009

Video and audio technology for industrial quality requirements

DIRIS - Digital Robust Infotainment System

  • electronic devices, esp. with digital signal processors (DSP)
  • vendor independent: Analog Devices, Freescale, Texas Instruments
  • OEM mezzanine modules for customer integration
    eg. "V-Recs" video recorder module; live demo at X-SPEX booth
    (customer specific enhancement and modification on request)
  • video recording, processing, distribution and play-back
  • digital audio and video network
  • digital signage
  • IP monitor / konfigurable control desk
  • industrial camera
  • mobil music / multi media devices (incl. WMA+DRM10)
  • multi-channel audio
  • IP streaming
  • speech control, echo and noise cancelling, eg. for hands-free car phones
  • MPEG and Windows Media (WMA/WMV), DRM10
  • industrial quality, robust, small
  • custom development of software, hardware and complete products incorporating digital signal processing (from concept to production)
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